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Book Review of Valxika the Slave by J. X. Knudsen

Book Review of Vlxika the Slave by J. X. Knudsen

This is my book review of Valxika the Slave by J. X. Knudsen

Valxika the Slave by J. X. Knudsen

Once a princess, forced into slavery, we join Valxika as she’s sold to an abusive slaver. She dreams of returning her people to their rightful place and taking the throne back from the tyrant who overturned it.

In the midst of being used by her slaver, she discovers a unique power within herself. Her slaver is determined to break her but she remains strong. She’s given a chance for payback when he sells her to a merchant in exchange for weapons with an agenda to return for her. She’s worth more than anything to him because of the profits she’s gathered.

This short story is full of adventure and leaves the reader wanting more. Where does she go next? Will she ever return to the land of her ancestors? Will her power continue to grow?

The first story in her adventure is steamy, exciting, filled with adventure, and love. Valxika is unique and not your ordinary princess. The steamy scenes are addictive. Excellent story. I can’t wait to read more and follow her on her journey.

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