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Thoughts on Recent Reads

I’m going to be sharing my thoughts on a few books I’ve read recently. Instead of putting them in multiple posts, why not one? I went on somewhat of a binge and read a ton of books and listened to some. I find myself leaning more and more toward audio books because I can clean house and do laundry while playing them. That makes a huge difference in my productivity in that area. I literally was looking for more things to do while listening to one of these over the weekend.

Book 1: In Solitudes Shadow by David Green

This book and this author are both amazing. I have the pleasure of knowing David having been on several shows with Go Indie Now together. I’ve also interviewed him for my YouTube channel. May have to pull him on again soon and get him up for the podcast portion now.

His story, In Solitudes Shadow is the first book in his series, Empire of Ruin. This novel is a high fantasy story featuring many different themes. There is a redemption arc between a mother and daughter, betrayal, racism toward elves, toeing the line between right and wrong, and so many more. The story will hook you from the start and it’s given from multiple points of view.

I loved the fantastic plot and climax of this novel even if Green killed me with the ending. It left me heartbroken but there is so much more going on in his world. Speaking of the world building was very magical and well thought out. I loved it and wanted to live in this book. I also wanted to have some of the powers mentioned in this book but then again with the corruption that’s revealed from abusing these powers, maybe not.

There were several fight scenes and things do get bloody in this story so if your bothered by that, this book isn’t for you. The huge battle toward the end of the story was developed well. The build up was insane and I begged the story not to go there but alas it had to. How else do you have such a fantastic book, right?

After reading this I dove straight into the next book and I’m currently reading it in my mix. As some of you who read my newsletter or follow me on socials know, I always have my head in more than one book.

Book 2: The Body Guard by Katherine Center, Audio Book

This was a fantastic Rom Com that stayed pretty clean. It was also my first book by this author. I loved how the story kept me interested and laughing. Hannah and Jack were two very different people. Hannah was a bodyguard seeking to get out of Texas after her mother’s passing and being dumped by a long time boyfriend the day of the funeral. At the start her personality was bland but as she worked to keep Jack safe, she blossomed. She became a better person and of course she fell in love.

Jack is a movie star and to many, a selfish snob. He’s got a stalker though and even though he’s been taking a break since his brother’s death, his company wants him safe. He just wants to be present for his mother as she battles cancer.

The two are thrown together in a strange scenario where both have to stay at the family ranch. The only way to do this is to have Hannah pretend she’s, his girlfriend. She is not on board, but a promotion is dangled over her head and used as leverage. If she doesn’t agree to do it, she loses it.

I loved watching these two grow and move past old wounds. Jack seemed to experience the most healing in this story, which was beautiful. He kept a promise for as long as he could, but it had to be broken, and in this instance, I think it was best. I 100% recommend this book and loved listening to the audible version. The narrator did an excellent job distinguishing between characters. Snag this book if you love this genre.

Book 3: House of Hollow by Krystal Sutherland

Hello spooky season! This book was a recommendation by Fiction Atlas Press in the Indie Connection featured with Go Indie Now’s This Week in Indies that airs pretty much every Sunday. This book was spooky, creepy, heartbreaking, and filled with adventure. Three sisters disappear as kids to appear out of now where in the same spot one month later. Everyone thought they were fine until their hair changed colors. They all had an uncanny beauty and even some sort of ability.

Iris is the youngest of the three and still in school. Her sisters Vivi and Grey both left school early. She is determined to be the first one to finish but life goes awry when her sister Grey comes up missing. Turns out that what she thought about herself, and her sisters for years has been a lie. They all have a fascinating connection, but a hidden story lies in wait for them in another world.

This story was filled with suspense, and I felt that there wasn’t ever a dull moment. A lot happens in this book, and I don’t recommend it for the faint of heart. If kidnapping, child death, death in general, blood, drinking, swearing, animal death, stabbing, or even hospitals bother you, do not pick this one up. I felt that this book was a great way to kick off October and I wasn’t disappointed. The things Grey Hollow does for her sisters in this story are both loving and extremely sad. It’s amazing what blood will do for blood.


All of the books are easily 5 star reads. Solitude’s Shadow is now being placed on my list of top 10 Indie books for the year. I will reveal all of these in order closer to new years eve. If you’re an Indie author interested in me reading your book, email me.

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