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Caring for Yourself ABCs: Authenticity

Caring for Yourself ABCs: Authenticity

This series of blog posts is inspired by the book, "The ABCs of Self Love, A Simple Guide To Loving Yourself Reclaiming Your Worth and Changing Your Life, by Melody Godfred.

I picked up the book originally at my local library and had to buy it to keep up with the prompts. Inspired by the deep thoughts I had spill forth, I thought it would be amazing to share some of that with the world. So Caring for Yourself ABCs will incorporate parts of my response to the writing prompts seen in Melody Godfred's book plus some. I hope you enjoy this first bit abut Authenticity.

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What is authenticity? 

For some it’s easily stated by the statement that it’s being yourself, but do you know who you really are deep down?

In our current society, we wear many different masks daily. For me it’s mom, author, therapist, pet parent, wife, and the list goes on and on. How do we keep those different hats from taking away who we are?

Authenticity is the quality of being genuine or real. This is the definition given by

In the beginning, when we pop out of the womb, we are essentially a blank slate. Nothing has influenced us. We’ve yet to be given responsibility, and the world is brand new. As we grow, we make choices that change us in minor ways, some in much greater ways than others, but every choice leaves its mark. Our authentic self is still there but growing.

For me, my authentic side is brought forth by not holding back when it comes to honesty. I no longer seek to give people the answers they want to hear, but rather I give them what I believe it to be. My honest thoughts come through and I no longer worry about whether they no longer like me after hearing the truth. This doesn’t mean I say things to purposely cause harm but rather I don’t sugarcoat it. Even though I’m honest, I’m still open to learning.

What are ways that you let your authenticity shine through?

I’m still growing and changing daily and learning new things about myself. I’m also letting myself process things of the past. In order to do this I’m working with books and a therapist. (Never be afraid to seek out more help.)

Some of the books I’ve used thus far are as follows. I would love for you to check them out and share your thoughts about authenticity in the comments.

The ABCs of Self Love

The Psychology of Money

The Art of War for Women


“Authenticity.” Dictionary,, Accessed 25 Feb. 2024.


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