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The Rulebreaker, by Claire Contreras

The Rulebreaker, by Claire Contreras

Real love stories never end.


The Rulebreaker was a sweet best friends to lovers’ romance. Both main characters were athletes and grew up as best friends. Maverick was a hockey player and Rocky was a soccer player. Both were unique individuals who lived together while attending college. Both had the desire to go pro and kept strict schedules made crazy by the pandemic. This is the first book I’ve read thus far where the pandemic is mentioned. I thought it was really interesting how the author tied it in and made the characters realistic.

I loved the flow of this story even though I felt it was a little predictable at times. It was a great romance with some humor tied in. It was told from both main characters POVs but more so Rocky than Maverick. I literally couldn’t put this book down and had I not needed to be up early the next day, would have finished it in one sitting.

This book came in the Bookish box and shop monthly subscription I have with some extra goodies. I love the cover on this novel and how simple it is. I would highly recommend it to 18+ readers due to sex scenes, romance lovers, sports lovers, and readers who enjoy friends to lovers’ stories specifically. Great story!

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