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First Blog Post Thoughts!

First Blog Post Ever!

Hello Readers!

Hello readers and friends! This is my very first blog post and it's just a genreral thing. I'm coming home from spending the weekend with my family and having my tatoo worked on. It's something unique and I hope to add a picture of it soon. It features characters from my Fae Shifters series and my standalone novel Breaking Traditions: the Shifter and the Mage.

Blogging is new to me so bare with me as I share bits and pieces as I figure it out. For every creative there is a new way of doing things. I am one that likes to learn as I go. Trial and error, right?

I have a pretty crazy life at times but if there is anything about me you love to know more about please let me know! I love horses and trained horses for a long time growing up. I was a barrel racer and did rodeos a lot. I also cheered and played softball. Writing is now my main focus in life on top of raising my son. I can share tips and tricks for that but something I have really learned dealing with postpartum and what not is the biggest person judging what I do and how I do it is myself. I'm also a big lover of self care habits. I love to share them and learn new ones. We could all use a little more of it, right?

Let's get this blogging thing started!

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