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Interview with Tahani Nelson

This was an exciting interview! Add her books to your TBR. Follow Tahani at the places below. Tahani Nelson Nelson Instagram: TahaniNelson TikTok: TahaniNelson

The Last Faoii is the powerful and immersive introduction to the Faoii Chronicles.

The Faoii have protected Clearwall with both magic and blade for generations. But when her monastery is attacked and her sisters slaughtered, only young Kaiya is left alive.

Forced to cope without the traditions of her Order, Kaiya travels the country on a mission to avenge her sisters and preserve her heritage. The search brings her not only to dark discoveries and ancient family secrets, but also to something she never wanted or dreamed of: an estranged brother.

Thrust into a war at the heart of a broken empire, the siblings face a dark past and darker future while Kaiya learns the true state of the world outside her monastery's walls, the true threat of the army seeping across the land, and her own innate abilities as the last of her kind.

If you love immersive world building, empowering characters, and epic battle scenes, you'll love The Last Faoii.

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