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Halloween Plans?

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Halloween Plans?

Halloween is almost upon us and who’s excited? Me! This holiday only comes once a year but I love celebrating it. There are so many possibilities with this holiday so check out some of what I've used to plan a celebration and decorate.

It’s never too early to start decorating right? I started decorating in mid-September and my son had a blast. We got a little more creative this year with lights and the broken skeleton man. This is actually the first year I've ever used lights for Halloween and I must say, I'll never go back to how I decorated before. They bring me joy similar to that of Christmas lights but more because they're my favorite color purple.

With this year’s festivities, I’m planning to throw a party for my son and his friends. It’s planned for the same weekend that my neighborhood will be doing its trick-or-treat run and there are some things to keep in mind when planning. It will be an excellent opportunity for them to play and have fun.

I’m one of those moms who must write everything down while planning and then figure out a budget. I have notebooks everywhere but my go-to for all my life events has been this fantastic planner. Literally can’t make it through a day without referencing it. It has a great section in the back where I've been keeping prices and lists for not only this party but other events as well.

I love that I can plug in the dates on this planner and customize it to where I'm at during the year. Not going to lie, buying the planners that have dates already written in has been a huge pain for me over the years because I never buy one at the start of the year. It's always been in the middle of the year when I would purchase them and there would be a ton of excess paper and wasted space. Not with this one.

How I Got Started

First things first, everyone needs a costume! This year I’m going to be a princess and wear my cloak over my dress. I haven’t always dressed up for Halloween but it’s more fun with the kids when you do. I’ve got a few ideas for you to choose from if you’ve yet to pick something out for yourself. I mean who doesn’t want to embrace that joy we felt as kids dressing up and going door to door for candy? I mean really parents; we know who gets some of that excess candy.

PB & J Couple:

Costumes are what make Halloween fun for me. It’s never been about the candy. I loved dressing up and wearing some of the craziest things I could come up with. I did get some odd looks doing this all the way up into high school, but I loved it.

Another thing to have a good Halloween party is to decorate. I’ve got the front yard covered with the collection of items we’ve slowly been growing over the years but inside, that’s still a work in progress. I’m talking you must go all out with the decorations but keep them affordable. I’m a bargain shopper but some of these items mixed with my Prime account are hard to turn down. Prime is so helpful when you’re constantly on the go.

So, tablecloths, bowls, dishes, spooky table toppers, and things to hang from the ceiling are a must. I’d recommend the fake spiderwebs too, but I learned long ago how much of a pain those are. I go for the not-so-ready spiderwebs now. They still look great and work indoors and outdoors.

I’m still working on the specific food list for partygoers to eat but labeling is an absolute must! I have friends and their children who are allergic to specific things so nut-free or vegan are some labels I’ll have out on the table. I want everyone to have options.

My son is stoked for the party and looking forward to the bounce house that we’re renting. We aren’t set with one yet but are looking to get one locally. I can’t say I won’t also climb into it with the kids because those things were the go-to play items for all festivals when I was a kid. It’s fun to watch how long kids can go when bouncing in them. I don’t know how they do it, but I know they sure do sleep good when they’re done!

We’re also going to have music playing for guests to listen to. I’m aiming for some spooky music or Halloween-based songs. I'm open to hearing suggestions on this because you can never have too many songs on a playlist.

So, some fun questions for you reader! What are some things you would have at your Halloween party? Any particular songs to add to the playlist? Let me know in the comments.

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