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Endevor's Run, Book 1 in the Hope Prophecy Series, by Tobin Marks ARC Review

Endeavor’s Run Book 1 in the Hope Prophecy Series by Tobin Marks

Tobin Marks has created a masterpiece. Not only has he created a magical world on a different planet in space, but he has a constructed some fantastic characters. This is the second book I have read from this author, and I’m completely blown away. This story was full of suspense, action, fantasy, family craziness, and a bit of magic. It’s a fantastic mash up of science fiction, fantasy, and adventure.

The book is told in third person and follows three characters specifically. All three are descendants of the female lead in Marks book Ark of the Apocalypse. I was intrigued with how he tied this book into his previous one. You do not have to read Ark of The Apocalypse to know what’s occurring in this book it has some great back story to the world and characters.

The alien species featured in this story is one that sparked my curiosity. The way their being is made up is different than what one would expect. I love how they are tied into the happenings on the planet Aqueous but I’m interested in uncovering their main plan. Just what do they want from the people and other beings of this planet?

In comparing this book to his previous work, I found that the flow of the story was easier to follow. The characters, especially Porter, had more depth to them and humor. One in particular had a lot of darkness but I won’t mention why. That would give away too much. I’m curious to see how the three characters eventually come together.

The ending was a bit of a surprise for me. I had a sense of what was going to happen, but I was absolutely thrown for a loop. I can’t wait for the next book in this series because I have so many questions about several individuals.

This book would appeal to anyone interested in apocalyptic reads, sci/fi, fantasy, adventure, outer space, dragons, and new worlds. There is a bit of blood and death in it but it’s not over the top descriptive. Excellent read and easily a 5-star novel.

About the Author

Author Tobin Marks has created an alien watery world called Aqueous. Orbiting a Red Dwarf 1187 light years from Earth, Aqueous is teeming with dangerous reptilian life...and one long forgotten human colony.

Marks is a world traveler who grew up in a household of rocket scientists. As a boy he had a front row seat observing many NASA and NOAA projects. Now from his home in north west Baja he has written the trilogy: The Hope Prophecy. Book one: Endeavors Run, is a blend of real science, science fiction, and fantasy. Book two: Katana Red, and book three: Drakon Rus, are exciting continuations of the series. In March, 2021 the prequel: Ark of the Apocalypse was released to rave reviews, and he is now working on the second trilogy: The Hope Progression

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