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Christmas Binge Read Thoughts

Deceber 2021 I decided to go the route of reading books with a Christmas/holiday theme. I've never actually let myself do this so I was quite impressed with how much I enjoyed them. I ended up leaning strongly toward the romance category with more of a Romantic Comedy feel. I will be adding more variety next time I do a holiday related theme read so if you have any suggestions of books for holidays such as Valentines or others let me know in the comments.

My idea began while reading the book pictured above, "I Need A Christmas Angel" by Raykel Tolson. This book really put me in the holiday spirit and inspired me to read more. The author put a lot of work into the book and you can actually find more of my thoughts on it in an early post here on the bog.

The Holiday Swap by Maggie Knox was a great baking inspired holiday read. It followed twin sisters who traded places for the holidays and stumbled upon love unexpectedly. It was a little cliche but I enjoyed it immensly and it made me want to bake a ton of goodies. Spoiler alert, I did bake a lot of goodies after I finished reading it. My husband thought I had lost my mind. I love getting books with my Book of The Month box and no I am not sponsored by them.

Mistletoe and Mr. Right by Sarah Morgenthaler was a book I picked up while doing some Christmas shopping at my local Target. The blurb sounded interesting and the book did not hold out. It was an excellent Rom Com with a lot of funny situations. There were some unexpected twists to the this story that tugged at my heart but the big culprit of chaos in the story was the Santa Moose. IT was so good. I would read this one anytime of year honestly. Small town, new romance, girl from a rich high profile family seeking escape, and a man who had his heart broken from divorce only to discover he can love again.

The Twelve Dates of Christmas by Jenny Bayless was another I snagged at Target. I was hesitant on this book. I called the ending as soon as I started reading the book and told myself if it was true I would throw it across the room. I was right but did not throw the book because it ended up beign funny and addicting. There were some twists I did not expect but it was a great holdiay Rom Com. It was very mucha cliche book but it kept me entertained.

Holiday Wish by Leila Hart was a short steamy read. It was not a Rom Com but steamy romance with a holiday touch. It had a focus on stepping out of your comfort zone and also being honest with those you hold close. I loved the story and read it within two hours. This is another amazing author that I highly reccomend by the way. She has a lot of great work out there.

Christmas at Silver Falls by Jenny Hale was the last holiday book I read and I could not get enough of it. It focused on romance, family, and second chances. The family is looking to find a way to save their grandmother's inn but things take a turn and the family is left scrambling on how to tell the matriarch of the family the bad news. Their only hope is a man who had his life turned upside down. This book is one I will read again for the holidays. It had a lot of family holiday traditions that I longed to experience especially since I was missing my family at the time of reading. I finished it during my bit of Covid which was over the holidays.

Overall I enjoyed doing a themed book sprint and plan to do another soon. If you have any suggestions for books on certain holidays I would love to have them. I'm leaning more toward physical books these days rather than ebooks but I'm not marking them off completely. I hope you enjoyed my thoughts and I would love it if you checked out my other posts.


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