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Book Review: Winter's Maiden 1, Winter's Magic, by L. Starla

Winter’s Maiden 1, Winter’s Magic Part 1, by L. Starla

4 of 5 Stars

This was an interesting read. I had a lot of fun with this story. It follows main character Alannah aka Lana as she moves in with her cousins after her father’s death. Her parent’s kept her from knowing her family’s true power but once living with her cousins she begins to learn about it. She deals with a crazy love triangle amid learning about magic and learns the truth about her family’s dark secret.

Part of why I enjoyed this book was because of how different things were for the characters living in Australia versus the U.S. I had to look up a few things regarding the culture there and the norms. Lana’s loves had me curious. I think Starla did an excellent job channeling the teenage spirit in her characters. There were dark things they had to struggle through, bullying, and so much more. It made me think of my high school years to a point, minus all the magic and different creatures.

The story itself had an easy plot and flow. On occasion it was written from another person’s POV to add more depth to the tale, and it was easy to distinguish between who I was reading. I must admit that Brendan is my favorite character. I like Lana and Liam, but Brendan was someone I connected to. I’m interested to see what unfolds in the next book in this series.

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