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Book Review of The Secret Sign of the Lizard People by Kevin E. Buckley

The Secret Sign of the Lizard People by Kevin E. Buckley


The Secret Sign of the Lizard People is the first book I’ve read by author Kevin E. Buckley. His book is a work of satire fiction which I found to be hilarious. He brings the reader into his story with an unusual crime featuring a female with quite the interesting name. Things in the case don’t add up and detectives Leafy and Beefy find themselves tangled in something bigger.

This book does many things well. It had an engaging story line with an twist. The plot overall was fantastic and the climax quite interesting. I loved the fun poked at many well known individuals of our time and that the author changed the names up to avoid copyright issues. The characters were original and unique.

Leafy and Beefy were complete opposites of each other. A bit of history is given of the two during the story and they had to learn to work well with each other. I enjoyed that the author tied that in and then gave the reader a new view of how well they work together even if they had differing views on things.

I really enjoyed this story and look forward to more from this author in the future. It’s one of the few satire books I’ve enjoyed.

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