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Book Review of The Ex Hex by Erin Sterling

The Ex Hex, A Novel, by Erin Sterling


The Ex Hex was a quirky read. It stuck with the Halloween theme, and I chose it as my Book of the Month box book. The main characters were Rhys and Vivi who were both witches. They had a summer fling at a young age and a curse was accidentally cast on Rhys. They meet again years later, and the curse activates.

I had a lot of fun reading about these two and the struggles they went through to fix their curse. It was great seeing the flame reignite between them and watching them work out their issues. I also loved the difference between their families and the secret that lead to the curse becoming difficult to break. It was an interesting plot twist.

A couple of other themes this book follows is a witchy theme, romance, and a little bit of comedy. The story had an easy flow and kept my interest. I didn’t notice any errors as I read, and I loved the cover. The cover was simple yet attractive. I would easily recommend this book to readers 18+ due to some steamy scenes and those interested in fantasy, romance, witches, or Halloween.

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