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Book Review of The Boy With Fire by Aparna Verma

Book Reveiw for you! The Boy With Fire by Aparna Verma 4/5 Stars

The Boy With Frie by Aparna Verma is told from the points of view of Yassen, Leo, Elena, and a surprise person at the end. It's set in a world with holopods, hover cars, and more. The story unfolds predominantly in Ravence as Elena prepares to become queen. She is unable to control the fire of the Eternal Flame though and fears her future. Leo is her father and current king. Yassen seeks to escape the life he's lived and finally have freedom.

The story had an easy flow that kept me intrested. I couldn't get enough of the characters and secrety wished for Elena to choose someone other than her betrothed. I did like him though and I'm curious to see what comes of it in a next book. The biggest climax of the story happens toward the end of the book and the author leaves the reader on a cliff hanger. I was confused by the end but I hope the next book clarifies it for me. As I read, I struggled to find how the title of the book tied into the story but the author reveals that at the very end. I'm curious to see where this story takes us and hope the author releases another book soon.

As seen above I did get this book in a subscription box. This was my first box from Caffeine and Legends and I absolutley loved it. They have a coffee option or a tea option but I missed the coffee option due to a late signup.

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