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Book Review of Sirens and Leviathans, the Reign of the Godesses Series, by C.D. Brit

Sirens and Leviathans, the Reign of the Godesses Series, by C.D. Brit

This is the second book in this series and is actually the first book I’ve read by this author. It can be read as a standalone. Characters from the previous book are present but the story focuses on West and Amphitrite.

Amphitrite is a Goddess, she’s been around for a hot minute, but she’s always been alone. She’s tasked with keeping the dark waters at bay in the ocean. When Oceanus, a titan, fathers a son destined to become a guardian just like her, she binds the babe’s power. The baby was supposed to be a human, not a titan.

Fast forward and West is an adult. He’s been through some trauma and, oops, his powers are unbound and he discovers them while standing before a tsunami. Amphitrite is to train him to use his powers after. She needs help with the black waters.

The two train and become close, very close. Family secrets are revealed and ancient secrets are uncovered.

I loved how this book immediately pulled me in and kept me hooked. The world development was creative and gave me post apocalypse vibes. Most of the earth was lifeless in this book thanks to the great wars.

The characters were well thought out and each one had significant growth. Both of them have baggage and while neither of them completely get rid of it they learn how to move forward without the extra weight.

With an easy flow and invigorating climax, I could not put down this story. It would appeal to readers interested in Greek mythology, retellings of Greek god/goddess stories, and those interested in fantasy romance. I highly recommend this novel!

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