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Author Spotlight J. V. Hilliard

J.V. Hilliard is an imaginative voice arriving on the fantasy adventure scene with The Last Keeper, the first in his epic Warminster series.

Daemus Alaric, a young boy with the gift of prophetic Sight is plagued by nightmarish visions that threaten his sect, the enigmatic Keepers of the Forbidden. When Graytorris the Mad, a fallen Keeper, returns to Warminster, the other Keepers begin to lose their Sight, but Daemus’ powers remain. It’s up to him to foil Graytorris’ plans.

Daemus’ quest joins his destiny with Princess Addilyn Elspeth of the Vermilion elves, who received an ominous message during her journey to the human capital of Castleshire. So begins J.V. Hilliard’s epic new series with book one, The Last Keeper. Hilliard’s gripping fantasy winds through the mystical land of Warminster and beyond, with magic, dragons, and heart-pounding adventure that are sure to grip the attention of readers.

The depth of Hilliard’s characters and the vividness of his world-building began when he was young, playing role-playing games and immersing himself in the worlds of his favorite fantasy adventure novels.

The Last Keeper represents the memorialization of shared storytelling, reaped from decades of table-top roleplaying,” Hilliard said. “I brought heroes and villains from many campaigns with friends and family to life, offering a fresh spin on the plots and the characters themselves that will surely shock even them.”

“As a first-time author, I can’t be prouder of The Last Keeper. Book two is in editing and book three is being written as The Last Keeper goes live,” Hilliard commented. The only question is, will it be fast enough for readers after they find themselves absorbed by the incredible, mystical world of Warminster and Daemus’ journey to save it and himself?

The Last Keeper is available through most major distributors including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Apple Books. It’s published by Dragon Moon Press.

For more information be sure to visit and to follow Hilliard’s social media accounts: Twitter and Instagram (@jvhilliardbooks) and Facebook (J.V. Hilliard).

Media Contact

J.V. Hilliard

(+1) 412.606.6067

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