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Author Spotlight Anat Eliraz

Tell our readers briefly about yourself.

Hi! My name is Anat Eliraz and I am from Israel. I am a mother of four and work as a developmental physiotherapist. I love hiking and I train in martial arts.

What books do you have available? Can you give us a short description of them?

I have published my debut novel at the end of April 2021- "Jewels of Smoky Quartz".

It's a story about a nurse who also practices martial arts and one day finds herself in another world. She needs to use her wit and skills to survive and find her way.

Do you stay in one genre when you write or do you find yourself veering toward others?

Though I read many different genres, I write only fantasy. I don't think I will write in other genres, but only time will tell!

Are you a panster, planner, or someone in between?

A total panster.

I write scenes. I see them like movie scenes in my head and write them down. Only later do I glue them together and add necessary bits.

What is your writing routine like?

None what so ever…!

I might not write for weeks and weeks and then write a whole book in 3-4 months. When I do write, I write whenever I get the chance. Lunch break, a cancelled treatment, weekends… and 'sadly' (for my wellbeing) I wake up quite a few times in the middle of the night, with an idea and I must write it down. I won't fall asleep if I don't, and usually I would keep writing until the alarm clock rings.

Tell me about your favorite character that you’ve created?


He is the type of character I used to love playing in D&D games.

Mysterious past, physical and emotional things needing hiding.

I love tall guys (my husband is about 6'4 or 6'5), so of course he is tall. He is a mix- half human, half…- you'll need to read the book!

In the first book, the readers get to know him to some extent, including parts of his past. He will continue to develop in the next book.

Where do you get your ideas for world building?

I have lived in and visited quite a lot of countries since my childhood. I also love hiking. So together these gave me many ideas, both for terrains and cultures.

There is not alot of it in the first book yet, since most of the story is from the MC's point of view and she is a stranger in this world.

Do you add romance to your writing? Is it steamy or clean?

Yes I add romance to my writing.

There is one intimate scene in the book. For those who don't like it, they can skip those three pages. But when I wrote the book, it seemed proper for me to write it and my editor didn't think there was a reason to change that.

What was your favorite scene to create?

The climax scene. There is a long discussion there that needed to cause all the parts to 'click' into place.

I really feared writing it, but once I decided to do it- I wrote it in one go and didn't change anything in it since!

Where do you get character inspiration?


Family, friends, workplaces, my kids classmates…

And me. There is a bit of me in almost all my characters.

What genre do you prefer to read?

I read so many! As long as the book is good, I will read it. Fantasy, thrillers, history, biographies, fine literature… I am open to almost anything.

Do you have any specific authors you follow and try to craft your work after?

I love how Charles De Lint writes! But I can't say I craft my work after him. I wish!

Since I read so many different genres, I don't have just one or two favourite authors.

I actually decided in the last year or so, to give a place to new indie authors, and have really enjoyed the majority of what I read!

Do you have any recurring themes in your book?

I actually had a reviewer point one such theme out, that I haven't noticed or thought about until he did… something that happened twice in the book (logical and unconnected, but that's what happened…)

What does your editing process look like?

Not like it should have…

I wrote the whole book more than a year before I decided to try and publish it.

The developmental editor read the story and said he didn't think there was anything to change (guess he also missed the theme from the last question…!).

As for the grammar editor- I had her changed twice and then there was a technical problem with the program we were working on, so it was not a fun experience…

In any case, it's no example of how this process should be.

Do you have a preferred drink or snack that you eat/drink while writing?


When is your favorite time of day to write and why?

Any free minute!

I loved getting a phone call saying there was a cancellation and then I would find a coffee shop and sit down and write.

As I wrote earlier- my brain had a great time bringing up ideas in the middle of the night…!

What is your favorite vacation spot?

I love a stream we visit almost every year, if we're in the north, on vacation. It has beautiful trees with extensive, tangled roots, small waterfalls, rich greenery and sometimes some unexpected wildlife.

Marvel or DC? Do you have a favorite character?

Neither. Not a fan of them and don't even know all the characters (can I leave the bomb shelter now?!)

What hobbies do you have?

I practice martial arts (Jujitsu/ Aikijitsu).

I love hiking and reading.

Used to draw, but hardly do anymore.

Where can our readers find you?

Always welcome to write me at-

Or look me up on Facebook-

My book on Amazon-

And this link is to a song I wrote in the book, which a friend took and 'brought to life'!

It wasn't done in a professional studio. She did it at home with minimal equipment and lots of love!

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