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Author Spotligh Cami Murdock Jensen

Tell our readers briefly about yourself.

I’ve always loved telling stories. I work for the city teaching a youth theatre group, so telling stories is my day job. Some stories are too big for the stage, though. I started writing to give my chronically ill daughter a reason to get out of bed. It worked. She’s now married and expecting her first baby.

What books do you have available? Can you give us a short description of them?

First Earth - Agnes Ann Cavanaugh is the only wizard born on our planet since magic was banned thousands of years ago.

Second Earth - Agnes and her allies race to find the cause of our planet’s increased earthquakes before the planet shakes apart.

Third Earth - Can Agnes and her friends stop an evil mastermind from destroying the government of the dragon world?

Fourth Earth - Agnes must unite the warring tribes of the mystical world before the ultimate villain completes his plan to enslave the universe.

False Earth - The final book of the series, coming soon.

Do you stay in one genre when you write or do you find yourself veering toward others?

I stay in my genre, but add elements of other genres. A sub-plot romance, a touch of mystery.

Are you a panster, planner, or someone in between?

Pantser with a good idea of where I’m going.

What is your writing routine like?

I write in the mornings regularly and as often as I can throughout the day. But I’m busy.

Tell me about your favorite character that you’ve created?

I love writing Grimmal. He’s a sciftan. A sciftan is a magical creature from Fifth Earth that can take any form of feline. He loves sarcasm, lying, and stalking Agnes. He’s a warrior and a protector, but such a cat.

Where do you get your ideas for world building?

I have a creative mind, I never run out of ideas, but I do borrow from historical myths and legends. I also build worlds based on logic. Fireproof dragons? Build a world where they intentionally maintain volcanoes for recreation. Logic.

Do you add romance to your writing? Is it steamy or clean?

I do add romance, but I keep it clean. I write stories exciting enough to engage an adult, but clean enough for the adult to read to their kids.

What was your favorite scene to create?

I love the relationships. Not only between characters, but self-discovery as well.

Where do you get character inspiration?

Everywhere. Writers are people watchers. No one is safe.

What genre do you prefer to read?

YA Fantasy and mystery. I’m not into epic stuff. I like a fast, exciting read.

Do you have any specific authors you follow and try to craft your work after?

Not really. I have favorite authors, but my own voice.

Do you have any recurring themes in your book?

Each book has a lesson in self-esteem that I wish I could teach every teenager in the world.

What does your editing process look like?

Hash out an ugly first draft. Quick polish. Send to beta readers. Fix again. Send to editor. He goes through it three times before giving me the coveted stamp of approval.

Do you have a preferred drink or snack that you eat/drink while writing?

Water is all.

When is your favorite time of day to write and why?

Morning. My brain is fresh and not clogged up with real life stuff.

What is your favorite vacation spot?

Bear Lake in Utah.

Marvel or DC? Do you have a favorite character?

I’m so sorry. Neither. But I respect the fanship of every individual.

What hobbies do you have?

Everything creative, but when I want to veg out I play video games. Legend of Zelda games are my favorite.

Where can our readers find you?

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