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ARC Review of A Machine of Blood, The Full Life of a Robot 2, by J. T. Moriarty


The full life of a robot continues, but the firey red-shelled W-ix has taken the wheel!

Jealous after finding out our robot hero had written a journal, W-ix has taken it upon herself to set the record straight, adding much that is missing to the first Full Life novella, as well as supplying a welcome injection of user friendly reading.

Our story begins when W-ix first wakes up, becoming operational and refusing to turn back off. Full of gusto and naivety she presses forth and learns a great deal in a short time. Then she recounts her entire time meeting, befriend, and helping our robot friend from the first book, shedding more light on the situation. Finally, she concludes with the events of today, the fall out from the final chapters of The Full Life of a Robot 1, and where they're all heading off to next.

It's a safe bet that Ouilt will have his own journal out soon enough.

Jump in and continue the quest for our robot heroes family! Where the hell did they go, and who kidnapped them?


This is second book in this collection of robot diaries. This one is created by W-ix who is featured briefly in book 1. In this fun and humorous tale W-ix shares how she was created and bits of her life. She is unique and different than her companion robots. I loved her character. She was spunky, sassy, and a gorgeous color. She also didn’t put up with anyone’s shit.

I enjoyed seeing her story tie into the first robots during her tale. She really has a caring heart for a machine and her interest in creating her own machine of blood was fascinating. Her interaction will several characters in this story was unforgettable and I was pleased to see Malinda return in this novel.

Moriart does a magnificent job tying the various robots together. I’m curious as to what their overall purpose is and look forward to finding out in the next novel. This story transitions easily as you read and keeps the reader interested. This book is not my usual pick but I thoroughly enjoyed losing myself in W-ix’s world.

Book 1 Synopsis

An intelligent, high-class robot finds itself living a comfortable life with its robot family when suddenly they're snatched away from it. Our brave hero sets out to find its family, only it has no clue how humans work and no clue how the human world functions, but it's going to give it a damn good try anyway!This "diary" was found by the author, and after some editing has been made available to the world. Whether you believe it or not is up to you.Our author, J. T. Moriarty, has a Bachelor of Communications and a Masters in Writing - which simply means he spent a good deal more time figuring out how to write than most. Not only that but its Official thanks to the piece of papers they gave him.This is the second edition of The Full Life of a Robot, with some commentary by the author and easier access for readers.

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