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The Chapter Goddess Book Chat

As a creative, I enjoy connecting with others and discovering what inspires us all. Each of us finds a way to channel our creative flow and put a piece of our hearts in each creation. What I enjoy most though is chatting with these creators on my show and letting their authentic self shine through. My show is an easy going and relaxed conversation where we chat about life, our work, self care, and many more topics. If this is something that interests you please click the link below and lets set something up. This is FREE. I look forward to chatting with you. 

Open to creatives in general, not just authors.

Coffee Chat is completely virtual and we can chat about anything! You can also just buy me a coffee in appreciation for writing books you love. All of this goes into the creative fund to pay for edits, covers, promotion, and more. You set the price anywhere from $5.00 and up. If you would like this to be a live chat on a social media, recorded and featured on the Podcast/YouTube, or not at all, just us chatting, let me know. 

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