Author Interviews

Author Interviews are a great way to get your name out there. I charge a small fee for the interviews. Please contact me through the contact page for an interview. I love chatting with other authors.

Each interview is recorded via streamyard and then edited. Graphics, music, and other video editing is done to make the interview the best work possible. It's then uploaded to Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. Following that it is shared to 6 different social media platforms twice. Round one focuses on the video interview and round two focuses on the blog portion which also includes the interview.

See the FAQ's page for why there is a charge for interviews. <3

Coffe Chat is completely virtual and we can chat about anything! You can also just buy me a coffee in appreciation for writing books you love. All of this goes into the creative fund to pay for edits, covers, and promotion.

Written Interview to be posted on the blog and shared to all of my social media on two different days for increased exposure. You will get the main link to the blog post to share to your personal media. 

Need help with your work? Want help planning out your book or even just someone to flesh out an idea? Let's do it together. I can help with character development, world building, emotions, and more. Does not include editing, proofreading, beta reading, or cover design. I can tallk those ideas out with you.

This is a service that I do that is not paid but I only take books that interest me. You can message me with your book information and I can look it over but that does not guarantee that I will be interested in it. I read books of various genres but prefer books that have romance, adventure, fantasy, or paranormal elements to it. 

Ghost writing is a process where I work closely with you to flesh out your story. I require as much detail as possible and will need to chat with you frequently. Price is determined upon word count. I charge $0.20 per word with a starting down payment of $200.00 USD. We can work out a payment plan once started depending on word count. All outstanding fees must be paid at the end of completion.