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The Book Chat/Interviews/Other Recordings
To have a good quality interview, a lot of work goes into it. Not only does it take time to listen to it and edit parts out if necessary, there are also graphics, music, and other necesarry items that are required to make it happen. Donations are welcome. 
  • Licensed Images
  • Licensed Music
  • The Adobe Rush App isn't free and must be paid for to continue to use aka subscription to Adobe. 
  • Streamyard Subscription to record the interviews without a time limit because readers and viewers want to hear about you and your work. 
  • Time to schedule the post to the various platforms.
  • Time to edit the blog portion for any typos. 
  • Creating the blog portion and adding in images. 
  • Checking to make sure all links work. 




Kayla and I loved chatting with Madi! This was such a fun, easy going, and professional interview that we can’t wait to do it again some day. Her communication was prompt and the video was posted so quickly. Highly recommend working with Madi!

-Author Amanda Muratoff

As someone who does a lot of interviewing I have to say what I really appreciated the most about being an interviewee on Madilynn’s YouTube Channel is her attention to detail, not just with the questions she asks but the way she listens and follows up based on what you say. Some interviews are just here’s your question, here’s your answer, here’s the next question, etc or uncomfortable questions and silence. With Madilynn, it feels like a conversation that is never forced, never awkward, and yet still very much aiming for a direction and makes sense to talk about. You also feel her energy and enthusiasm, which in turns makes you feel like a star or at least somebody important to her and I think that resonates with the audience that views it too. I love that she does deep dive into the research and reads the books ahead of time which allows for her to know what direction you can go with various talking points without having to worry about explaining or triggering a spoiler alert. It’s that level of engagement between the interviewer and interviewee that leaves you feeling like that was more than worth it.

- Author Joe Compton, Go Indie Now

download (1).jpg

I had a wonderful time on The Chapter Goddess Chat podcast. Madilynn was an excellent host. She was kind, encouraging, and easy to gelt along with. After I approached her, she was not only eager to feature me, but she had also done her research, her questions were well thought out, and the process of choosing a time was simple and easy. If you are an author looking for an opportunity to talk about yourself and promote your work, I highly recommend The Chapter Goddess Chat!

- Author Andrew McDowell

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