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Creative Spotlight on Author Dr. Katherine Hayes

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Creative Spotlight on Author Dr. Katherine Hayes

This Creative Spotlight on Author Dr. Katherine Hayes shares further insight into this author's mind, life, and creativity. Not only did we have an excellent chat available with the podcast link above and YouTube video below, but her questions are inspiring as well. Snag a copy of her book and follow her via the website at the end of this article.

YouTube cover art featuring Dr. Katherine Hayes and Madilynn Dale with a teal colored book with a black dress hanging from a golden halo, Dr. Hayes book God's Little Black Dress for women

Tell our readers briefly about yourself.

I am an editor, author, speaker, and Podcaster. I am passionate about faith, family & food! I also love partnering with the three nonprofits that I work alongside. One includes a school called Light for the Future in Guatemala. I offer my services as a virtual art teacher. My husband and I have a blended family of seven children. We have one grandson.

Photo of Dr. Hayes wearing black dress and set of pearls holding a pen

Can you tell us about your most recent release? Album? Song? Art piece? Etc.?

My first debut thriller will be published on February 24, 2024. It is called a Fifth of the Story and is based on three friends in the CIA who race against the clock to save their friendship and their country. I will also be opening an art show for my art students in a museum in Guatemala City on June 29. It is called “Be the Light.”

What inspires you?

I am inspired by God, nature, and culture.

What is your creative work routine like? Do you balance it with another job?

As an author and artist, each day, creativity is built into my schedule. I usually sketch something once a day and paint a project once a week. I have to balance my own writing, as I also work as an editor and book coach for a publishing company. Each day month, and even the year has to be planned out. However, I usually commit to working on my writing projects once a day.

Do you plan out your creations? What is your creative process like?

As an author, I am part plotter and part pantser. Therefore, if my book is fiction, I start with an outline and synopsis and then let my characters dictate where the book goes. For non-fiction projects, I meticulously planned out every aspect of the manuscript. When I am working on an art piece, I work on units. Therefore, I may work with black and white for one month, then moved to bold colors, then moved to landscapes, then people. That is the way I create my art classes and the way I work on my project.

Do you have a self-care routine, or do you want to have one? What do you do or wish that you did to take care of your mental health?

Eating right and exercising is an important part of my self-care routine. I have also gotten therapy at various stages in my life. Additionally, I like to treat myself with a massage and face shall a few times a year. I also believe it is very important to travel and vacation well. One of my favorite things to do is create memories by traveling with friends and family. One of the things I do need to improve on is my rest. I often get up early and stay up too late. This is a horrible combination!

What is your favorite creation thus far?

I am really proud of the book A Fifth the Story, which will be published on February 27, 2024, through End Game Press.

I am also proud of a series of paintings. I did feature various animals using bold colors.

Do you have a character that is your favorite over others you've written into creation?

Yes! Two of my favorite people that I created in my novels are Patricia Pang and Brock O’Reilly. I can’t wait for the world to meet them!

Are there any recurring themes in your work?

There are reoccurring themes that show up in my writing, passion, projects, and artwork, which are social justice, equality, diversity, and inclusion.

What does success look like to you, considering your creative passion?

Success to me would be for my creativity in writing books, creating artwork, and my involvement in nonprofits, to effectively and powerfully change the trajectory of someone’s thinking and life in a positive manner.

What has been one of the biggest lessons you've learned since starting this journey? I have learned that overnight success takes many years of hard work, dedication, and learning to accomplish.

What advice would you share with new or aspiring authors/singers/artists/etc?

I would like to share that we all live on levels, in stages, experiencing life through seasons. Therefore, never compare yourself to others because they may be on a different level, stage, or season. Just be sure to create your own path, make your vision clear, and pursue it with everything you have.

Where do you get your ideas for world-building?

I get my ideas from real life, events, interesting stories, and people that I learn about. I then build my story world based on the seed of a powerful idea.

What genre do you prefer to read?

I prefer to read thrillers!

What hobbies do you have?

My hobbies include painting, cooking, gourmet meals, and traveling.

Do you have any outside experiences that influenced your work?

I have the experience of being married to someone who was involved in the military. I also come from a diverse background. My parents were Portuguese and Jamaican.

Where can our viewers/readers/listeners find you and your work?

The best place for others to connect with me is on my website, which is,


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