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Creative Spotlight on Author Derek Power

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Tell our readers briefly about yourself.

I'm somebody who can't really not be doing something. If I am not reading or writing, then I am drawing. If drawing isn't happening then I am learning how to write code for some random project that popped into my head. I figure you're going to be in the ground long enough, burn the candle hard and fast while you can.

Can you tell us about your most recent release? Album? Song? Art piece? Etc.?

'Nearly Christmas' is the fifth novel in the Filthy Henry series. As each book in the series is based off a Celtic myth or legend, I decided to take a pop at how Christmas decorations are appearing in shops long before Halloween even happens. Thankfully there are not a lot of Christmas Celtic legends, but there are some very interesting Halloween ones, which helped 'Nearly Christmas' be a very fun book to write.

What inspires you?

Mostly I am inspired by the wealth of Celtic myths and legends from Ireland, where I have lived all my life. It is a story gold mine that nobody seems to have touched really. Filthy Henry takes these stories and puts modern, comedic, spins on them with each story being a self-contained adventure. Similar to how you could read a Discworld novel in any order.

What is your creative work routine like? Do you balance it with another job?

I have a full time job that eats up far too many hours, plus two little kids that require tickles and sofa forts. So mostly I do my writing in the evening when they are in bed. I write at least 500 words a day. Some days that can be a struggle, some days I can knock out 1500 without breaking a sweat. Weekends I get a bit luckier and can write in the afternoon, which is usually when I get some real good flow sessions going.

Do you plan out your creations? What is your process before you create?

I am a big believer in plotting out the book before writing. Usually I get about ten pages of rough outline done before starting chapter one. I do also think that plot outlines can be organic and as the story is written elements may change. As your brain works through fleshing out the plot outline you might come up with new ideas that really work, so why ignore that.

Do you have a self-care routine or want to have one? What do you do or wish that you did to take care of your mental health?

I exercise daily, walking my dog or doing 10k on my bike. I also make sure to write every day, regardless, as if I don't that's when my headspace gets into a bad place.

What is your favorite creation thus far?

It does have to be Filthy Henry, since I've written so much about him. But I have to say that 'Accidental Legend' is my favorite novel of his. There is something about the whole story that just works perfectly I think.

Do you have a character that is your favorite over others you've written into creation?

While Filthy Henry is the clear fav, I did dabble in writing a sci-fi noir novel called 'Duplex Tempus' that had a bad ass detective called Olivia Temple.

Are there any recurring themes in your work?

In the Filthy Henry books the common theme is that the just because you have ultimate power (in the form of magic) doesn't mean you can do whatever you want. Filthy Henry spends most of his cases as a fairy detective teaching fairies that they cannot just go around the world doing what they want. Growth is also a bit theme, as Filthy Henry grows as a character. When we meet him first he is utterly unlikeable, but he slowly starts to soften with each book.

What does success look like to you considering your creative passion?

Reviews, many reviews, and all of them good. Or getting my projects out there for people to read. My main thing is that I want the stories out of my head and in the world. That's the goal, get as many out there while I can.

What advice would you share with new or aspiring authors/singers/artists/etc?

Books are long, they have a lot of words. If you sit down and think "I cannot write 100k words" you're right, nobody can. But you can write 1000, or 500 or 100. And if you do that daily you slowly chip away at that 100k total.

Where can our viewers/readers/listeners find you and your work?

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