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Book Review of Alliandre Rising by Daniel E. Myers

Alliandre Rising by Daniel E. Myers

Alliandre Rising was a fantastic fantasy adventure novel that let me escape from everyday craziness. I was able to enter a world filled with humor, magic, fighting, kings, queens, and princess. An excellent high fantasy story.

There are so many things this book does well. It gives you a line up of various characters all with unique abilities and personalities. Then Myers proceeds to share how they are connected and how they grow. I was fascinated with Alliandre’s character the most. At first, he seems like a cocky guy who is also mysterious but as the story progressed you find he has a heart of gold. He’s loyal, loving, charismatic, passionate, determined, and an overall addicting male. His horse is even more fascinating.

Next, I must mention the cover and its creativity. It features my favorite character and fits the genre of high fantasy well. Readers looking over books will instantly know that it fits in the genre, and it will appeal to those who are interested in reading stories from that category.

With this being the first book, I’ve read from this author, I’m curious to see what he creates in the future. Grab you a copy of this book today!

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