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Book Reveiw of I Need A Christmas Angel by Raykel Tolson

I Need A Christmas Angel by Raykel Tolson

I Need A Christmas Angel by Raykel Tolson is an inspirational holiday story. It reminded me of a sweet Hallmark movie. Kelly and Gabe are the main characters of this sweet clean romance. Gabe is Kelly’s brother’s best friend and they have secretly crushed on each other for years. Gabe married another woman though when he was playing it big as a baseball star. Kelly moved to Chicago to have her own life. Years later the two reconnect after Kelly is forced to return home after losing her job.

I loved the interaction between the characters and the sweet Michaela, Gabe’s daughter. I felt that she became one of the strong links pulling the two toward each other. The story had an easy flow and I felt my Christmas spirit lifting while reading. It was a beautiful story and I recommend this book to anyone looking for something light and warm for the holidays. This book for me because I enjoyed it was an easy 5 star book.

About the Author

Author Raykel Tolson wrote her first book in the 5th grade and gifted it to her grandmother. Raykel writes both romance and nonfiction books that enlighten, encourage, and entertain. Her nonfiction book, Why Are Church Folk Poor, is an easy-to-read reference that forces the reader to examine their relationship with money. Raykel’s inspirational romance, Undefiled, is a thought-provoking novella that seamlessly weaves themes of forgiveness, acceptance, love, and intimacy. Her latest novella, I Need a Christmas Angel, is a Christmas romance inspired by her mother’s love for Christmas movies and her own obsession with Hallmark Christmas movies.

Raykel and her adult son, Larenz, have co-authored two children’s picture books, Renz Bedtime Prayer and Renz Affirmations (God is Good and So Am I). Raykel attributes her son’s resilience to him knowing that he is created in God’s image. They decided to publish these books to help other parents to raise resilient children.

Raykel is a featured writer for Living Day by Day Community Magazine and podcast host of Blessed: Mindset Matters on WYTV7. She currently lives in Los Angeles.

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