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We the Moral Majority by Joe Compton Book Review

Book 2 in the series The Duality of Truth


What do you do when you’re a local hero? Why, go into politics of course.

Former LAPD homicide detective golden boy, Charles Street, has been groomed to do exactly that. And by an organization poised to make some noise. The Moral Majority, an evangelical political group, plans on springboarding into a nationally powerful position by getting him elected as Mayor of Los Angeles.

His wife, FBI Special Agent Janelle Pachenko, is assigned as the head of a secret task force investigating local corruption. She can't tell anyone about it, especially not her husband, or the group who is trying to rework her image into the genteel, smiling figure of grace the public expects in the wife of a mayoral candidate.

As they struggle to balance their two worlds, bodies start dropping. Informants scatter. Even the local gangs are running scared, and no one is willing to talk. Politics turn to danger. Danger turns into nightmares in the sequel to 2010's Amongst The Killing.

We The Moral Majority by Joe Compton is the second book in The Duality of Truth series. In this second addition we revisit many characters from the first book with more focus on Janelle aka Janie. She was introduced as more of a side character in book one alongside Chuck or Charles Street. This novel follows the two as Chuck runs for Mayor backed by the Moral Majority party. This party has its hands in many things, and they plan to springboard Chuck into a nationally recognized position while also keeping him in their control.

I loved how much more of Janie I got to experience as the reader with this book. I have to admit, I love her more than Chuck now. I’m not sure if that’s because I can relate to many of her struggles more as a woman and mom or what. I still love Chuck’s character and how devoted and determined he was in pursuit of his passion. The two are a strong pair and the growth between them as this story progressed was beautiful.

After the loss Chuck experienced in book one, I was pleased to see him given a second chance with Janie and their daughter Emily. She was precious and it made my day that he got another opportunity to have a family. Compton also did a magnificent job showing the characters pain when it came to his previous family but also how it has helped him grow as a father for Em.

This story had an excellent flow and moved easily through the climax. I was not prepared for the pulling of heartstrings that occurred or the huge plot twist dropped toward the end. I mean seriously, holy cow. It has me anticipating the next book in this series to see where this plot twist goes.

This novel was an excellent crime/thriller read that I struggled to put down. It did well to keep me interested and easily carried me away. It would be an exceptional choice for those interested in this genre. Check it out and grab yourself a copy.

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