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Interview with Author Avery Carter

"Writer of words, thinker of thoughts. Usually found drinking coffee from a wine glass, or wine from a coffee mug depending on the time of day." -Avery Carter

Tell our readers briefly about yourself.

Hi, I'm Avery! My pronouns are they/them, and I'm an LGBT fantasy author living in South Korea. I have two dogs that I'm obsessed with, and I'm learning how to embroider in my spare time.

Can you tell us about your most recent release? Album? Song? Art piece? Etc.?

The Ghost and the Real Girl is a paranormal fantasy novella about a graverobber who gets haunted by the ghost of the girl whose grave she robbed. It's atmospheric and a little spooky, with an autistic protagonist and a very sweet love story.

What inspires you?

I love the magic in everyday things. If you punch dough enough it'll turn into bread. Mushrooms can spread over miles. Those are such magical things to me.

What is your creative work routine like? Do you balance it with another job?

I try to write when my students are writing. I'm an ESL teacher here, so when my students are practicing their writing I'm usually coaching them through the process while trying to knock out a couple hundred words myself.

Do you have a self-care routine or want to have one? What do you do or wish that you did to take care of your mental health?

I'm autistic, so routines are an intrinsic part of my daily life. I do the same things every day, eat the same things, listen to the same music. That repetition is, in itself, a form of self-care. If I ever need a little extra, I have a few cozy video games that I reach for, or I cuddle with my dogs for a bit.

What is your favorite creation thus far?

It's like asking me to pick a favorite child! They all have parts that I love about them. Probably my favorite creative choice was making Talia in the Moon Trilogy a woman instead of a man. It helped the story click into place in a much more satisfying way.

Do you have a character that is your favorite over others you've written into creation?

Am I allowed to choose magical creatures? Because Flick the flyken is a pretty solid character. Otherwise, if I had to rank my main characters, Ashlyn (The Moon Trilogy) is at the top, with Sera (The Ghost and the Real Girl) next to her. Talia and Clem are next, and Keane (The Moon Trilogy) is staring daggers at all of them.

Are there any recurring themes in your work?

Found family, absolutely. I think there's something about being neurodivergent and queer that draws me towards the idea of a found family, and that pops up over and over in my work.

What does success look like to you considering your creative passion?

Success would be having someone I don't know tell me that my books helped them.

What is something your fans/readers/followers don’t know about you or something unique about yourself?

I do burlesque dancing! It's a lot of fun, and I finally got back onstage after two years of pandemic.

What advice would you share with new or aspiring authors/singers/artists/etc?

Make sure you have most of your manuscript written before setting the release date.

Where do you get your ideas for world building?

I usually follow N. K. Jemisin's tips: food, religion, and water placement. Those three things will help create a very believable world, no matter what genre you're writing in.

What genre do you prefer to read?

Fantasy, for the most part. Maggie Stiefvater, Brandon Sanderson, and Neil Gaiman are a few of my favorites.

Where can our viewers find you and your work?

It's available on Amazon. You can search for Avery Carter, or The Ghost and the Real Girl to find my books!

"Whatever your identity, your story is here." -Avery Carter

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