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Book Review of I Let You Fall by Sara Downing


I Let You Fall by Sara Downing was an emotional roller coaster. Wow. This was my first book by this author and I will be reading more from her.

The story follows along as Eve recovers from a near death accident that’s left her in a coma. She’s in a hospital bed but also not. In some strange way she’s outside her body and has a task to fulfill but what is it?

Then Luca appears and like her, he too is in a coma with his body in another room. He teaches her how to help in their current unusual spirit state. This leads both of them into life changing situations but also closer to each other. Will she stay in this state to be with Luca or try to heal and return to her love?

Eve and Luca were amazing. I loved both of their personalities and quirks. I hated the pain each of them went through and the trials they faced but loved the outcome. Their growth was beautiful and the plot twist later in the story had me in tears.

This story easily carried me away. I loved how Downing differentiated the chapters where Eve was speaking in her head as the person on the hospital bed and the person in the spiritual form. It was easy to follow and engaging. The story was realistic and unique.

This story would be great for anyone interested in romance, having a good cry, happy endings, medical based plots, and miracles. It’s one of my new favorite reads and worth more than 5-stars.


Sara began writing in 2009, after giving up a career as a Chartered Accountant to raise her family. The age of digital publishing came along at just the right time, and she published her first novel, Head Over Heels, in 2011 with Amazon, where it soon hit the Kindle Top 100.

A holiday in Tuscany was the inspiration for Urban Venus, a historical novel, before returning to romantic comedy to write Stage Fright and then Hand On Heart, the long-awaited sequel to Head Over Heels. In 2020 she added to the Head Over Heels series, with A Head Over Heels Christmas. She hopes to write a fourth instalment soon...

The Lost Boy was Sara's first foray into the supernatural, with the beautiful backdrop of a National Trust property close to her home.

I Let You Fall, a romantic drama with a supernatural twist, is her most recent novel.

Sara lives near Worcester with her husband, three teenage children, a dog and a cat. She doesn't plan to go back to accountancy any time soon.

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