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Book Review of Beyond Sundred Seas, by David Green, Empire of Ruin Series, Book 3

Book Review of Beyond Sundred Seas, by David Green, Empire of Ruin Series, Book 3

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The third installment in David Greens Empire of Ruin is an invigorating read that lets readers escape into a world filled with dark magic, nature magic, light magic, and so much more. There is a wide range of races that interact, but they don’t get along. One race thinks they are superior to the others.

As we enter this story, a new character is introduced. He plays a vital role in how this story ends. The event that leads this introduction is touched on at the end of book two, but we’re given another look into the aftereffects of losing the spark. Greton is our new character. He’s more of a scholar than a fighter and is forced to act as the shadow sparkers' control breaks, and they begin tearing each other apart. He escapes with a goal in mind; find Calene Alpenwood.

As the story continues, we find our character struggling with life after the spark disappears. Some aren’t affected as they didn’t have it to begin with but with a new force utilizing the corrupted dark magic, the world as they know it is in even more danger.

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I love how Green takes us into each character giving us their flaws and thoughts and moving us through the emotions they feel as they grow. Many times I found myself on the verge of tears as I read along, eagerly egging these characters on.

One character in particular, Nexus, has had me curious since the beginning of the series. I wondered how he played into the storyline, and Green did not disappoint with this one. After risking everything to get to the person who shattered him, he’s given another chance at his desire to dole out revenge on Emperor Locke.

Locke, who we meet at the start of the series, seemed like a somewhat normal person, but it turns out he is insane. He’s fallen further into madness in this third installment, and his sanity basically disappeared when the shadow sparkers control did. I mean, literally, this guy was insanely off his rocker.

Now my thoughts on Brina and Calene, these two, wow. I love the connection they have, and watching it grow from the earlier books to what it is at the end of this book was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever read. These two faced death and impossible tasks but somehow found a way to overcome their fears and conquer them.

This book is a long one and may be intimidating to those who aren’t used to long stories, but I absolutely recommend this series to all high fantasy and adventure lovers. It has replaced my favorite series of all time. I look forward to the final book in this series.

So with my thoughts and everything I liked about this book, my book review of Beyond Sundred Seas, by David Green, Empire of Ruin Series, book 3, I give 5 out 5-stars.

This book is currently on Kindle Unlimited, and so are the others in the series, at least at the time this post was written. Use the link above to sign up for KU and read the series for free.

What do you think of my review? Does this sound like something you would read? Why or why not? If you've read some of Mr. Green's work, what are your thoughts?

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