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Book Review Forbidden Rendezvous with the Devil

Forbidden Rendezvous with the Devil, A Witch Vampire Love Story, Book 1 in the Dark Lore Vampire Conspiracies Series, by Isra Sravenheart

This was an exciting romance filled with suspense and steam. Sabine and Tristan were two very different characters. Sabine was a witch seeking to live a chill life following a brutal break-up. Tristan was a vampire coffee shop owner with his own agenda. Their worlds collided when Tristan caved to his desire for Sabine but danger lurked in unlikely places.

What this story does good is build up the relationship between Sabine and Tristan. It moves quick but the two are wrapped in each other’s world. I was surprised that there was not one but a few individuals lurking to see the two separate.

The way the book ended sent me for a bit of a tail spin. I didn’t see what happened coming. I felt a bit blind sided by it. There was one antagonist I was pleased to see handled but another one I didn’t actually realize was also a antagonist until the end.

Overall this story was an interesting read. I would recommend it to 18+ because of some of the steamy scenes and violence. This was my first story by this author and I look forward to reading more if her work in the future.

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