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“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.”
― Dr. Seuss, I Can Read With My Eyes Shut!

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Family secrets lead to an explosive discovery in this enthralling first installment. Things don’t seem to add up and her life is constantly threatened in the pursuit of love. Is there a way to find an answer for it all?

Liz is your typical overworked Physical Therapy Assistant. She loves her job but has come to a time in her life where the stress from being overworked, and the passing of her mother, has left her with a sense of wanting. Adventure hasn't always been on her list of things to do, but it seems that this next chapter of her life may not exactly be what she had in mind. The cabin that was left for her when her mom passed is originally her grandmother's and has many stories to tell. Unfortunately for Liz, these stories reveal a tale that she was not quite ready for.

After some thought and external pressures, Liz decides to make the leap and go the road less traveled. She moves to the cabin and takes the new job. With renewed life and purpose, she also uncovers mysteries surrounding the cabin and her heritage. There's a shift in the winds. Can Liz come to understand it? Or will the winds drown her out?


An impending war and the balance of the realms rests on her shoulders. Liz is faced with accepting new love and mastering new abilities to prepare to balance the flow of magic. With love, family, and her people can she tackle the odds against her and seek out a way to restore the flow? Or will the rogue Fae win?

Tiff is missing and Dan is in a coma. Dark magic is involved and the key to unlocking the gate has yet to be found. Liz has even more on her shoulders but her mates are there to help. Can she take down Lilliandra, restore the balance, and save her people from slavery by the hands of the evil Fae? Will her elusive abilities finally surface? Will her people come together to fight or will she have to face this battle alone?

An ancient evil has surfaced. New life and bonds are forged. Will Liz fight or remain on the sidelines? Who will win and rule the realms?

Liz’s family and friends are at risk once again, but sacrifices must be made for their freedom. Can she bring new life into the world but stop an evil that has plagued the realms since the beginning of time? What will be her ultimate sacrifice to conquer The Blood King finally?

Fae Shifters Omnibus: Books 1-4 Kindle Edition

A coming-of-age story filled with fantasy, adventure, and romance.

Liz thinks she is a typical woman working herself into the ground. After taking a leap of faith for a better life she moves to her grandmother’s old cabin. Things are going swell until she uncovers the family secret hidden in the woods.
As her world is turned upside down, she finds herself holding a position of power in the local mountain lion shifter clan and then as a princess of the Fae. Enemies seem to lurk in every corner from a jealous sibling to a power-hungry ancient being.

Follow along in the first four books of the Fae Shifters series as Liz, her mates, and her friends, fight to bring peace and balance to the realms.


Deals in Blood is an anthology of eleven short stories exploring the theme of deals when blood is involved. 


Timeless deals... echoes in the blood... every reward has a price.


After digging up an old time capsule, Shelley finds herself haunted by supernatural events and dire warnings that seem connected to a pact she and her friends made as children.


Hiding from slavers in the farthest reaches of the woods, the magic-born biform Farrow serves a mysterious lich. 


Collecting ingredients for spells and chopping wood is a small price to pay for his life, but can Farrow earn his freedom before his past catches up to him?


Yarin Yarr, Master of Bloods, tells an enigmatic stranger the story of how he obtained the rarest sample in his collection through great danger and personal loss.


As fifth in line for the throne, Prince Edmund is destined to live in the shadow of his cruel older siblings. One day, an opportunity arises for him to take control of his fate. All it requires is a little cunning and a deal in blood.


Twin sisters Miryn and Kisara struggle to find happiness in a society that considers second-born children inferior. A cruel wizard offers them a chance to change their fates, but he has a dark agenda of his own.


All Ben wants is a normal life, but his father's devotion to a sinister cult prevents that from being possible. Sitting in the middle of a candlelit circle, Ben sees the blood and flees for his life.


Desperate to save his dying wife April, Harry resorts to a blood ritual and summons a demon. But what he sacrifices for April's sake turns out to be far more than he realized, and he may lose her anyway.


Authors include: Ralph Rorickson, M. J. J. Mori, Chris Masterton, Rachel Spencer, Ilona Krueger, Steven Dutch, A. A. Warne, Madilynn Dale, Dragonness Wyverna, J.T. Moriarty, Victoria Young.

Ember Series

eBook 5.5x8.5.jpg

Ember believes she's a latent wolf until she finds herself facing a demon using hellfire. The black flames trigger something within her and the world as she knows it is dumped on its head. Has her entire life been nothing but a lie?

Tied to the future Alpha via contract, she seeks an escape to find her true mate. Confused by the emotions surrounding her discovery, she sacrifices herself to save her pack and is taken to hell. With a false engagement and memories erased, she finds herself part of a larger plan. Can she fulfill her role and manage to return home without her secret being discovered?


With the chaos of her escape from Hell and loss of a mate, Ember attempts to focus on her pack. More is coming for them with Alpha Gale keeping secrets and Greed building an army. It's only a matter of time before she must return to claim her place as princess of Hell and train as a hellhound. Still, having spent her entire life thinking she was a latent shifter, she doesn't want to leave those she loves unprotected.

In her pursuit to bring Alpha Gale down, Ember must reach out to other packs. With Adam's lead, and all their friends by their side, they devise a plan to stop Alpha Gale and have him removed once and for all. No more sacrifices, arranged marriages, or hidden agendas.

When Ember is forced to leave before their plans can take effect, she must depend on her vampire mate, Zeke, and her friends, as she begins to learn how to lead Hell. What Lucifer didn't expect was having to prepare her for an all out war so soon. The balance of power and time are now on her shoulders. Will Ember buckle under pressure or will her unrealized power be able to bring down those seeking to conquer them all?


Coming Soon

Breaking Traditions: the Shifter and the Mage
breaking traditionsArtboard 1.jpg

Natalie is a college freshman with dreams of operating her own bakery one day despite her parent's wishes. Her parents follow the old ways, a shifter society going back generations, and would prefer her paired up with her charming ex Theo. They appreciate her help with their bakery but wish to see her seek the life of a pampered stay at home mom whose primary focus is on raising babies. They don't take into consideration her feelings.

Natalie's world is flipped upside down after she meets Alex, a mage with a unique ability. Her wolf calls to him, but can she break tradition and allow herself to love him despite societal expectations?

Alex is a mage living in an unimaginable world. Growing up in a non-traditional family, he is more optimistic and open-hearted. He meets Natalie and falls head over heels, but does she feel the same? He feels an unusual bond with her, but gravity seems to be against them. Is she hiding something? Why does she push him away?

Can the two break tradition and have the love of their lifetimes?


Silver, Hook's daughter, is plagued by the loss of her family and sails the seas continuing her father's legacy. She's made changes to her fathers plans but is continuously pursued by the Sparrow. Having grown tired of being harassed, Silver seeks a way to end the Pan family's ability to fly for good. She didn't expect to find love on this quest.

Isla Wish copy.jpg
Isla's Wish

Be careful what you wish for. With a desire for love and an escape from life as she knows it, Isla seeks out a sea witch. Her wish is granted but at what cost? Can she find a loophole to escape the path she's taken?


What happens when the wolf becomes a hero? 


Accalia lives a private life in the woods with her grandmother. It's something many dream of but her grandmother isn't your typical innocent old lady. No, she's someone you don't want to tangle with and Accalia wants out. When she meets an unlikely hero while out in the woods, her future is no longer in her hands. Will she escape or will the old woman trap them both?


This new twist on Red Riding Hood was previoulsy published in "Once Upon A Time" … A Fairy Tale Anthology from The Red Penguin Collection.


Trigger Warning:

Life force stealing, violence, entrapment, toxic family relationships, deal making, wolf, fire, house fire

Dog Park Epiphany

Brandon's life has fallen into turmoil following the loss of his job. His life is enveloped in a cloud of failure and self-doubt. He has repeatedly suppressed his inner creativity. Have you ever felt like you chose the wrong path and wish you could turn back time and change it?

Creative Intent

Libby creates an intent while preparing for a yoga class. She chooses to focus on several things in order to prepare for a new adventure. She has desired to pursue this interest for years, but can she achieve it? Can her creative intent open up new doors? Will she embrace this new lifestyle or remain frozen for eternity to redundancy?

New Path

There is a change in the air and the world has shifted. Will life turn to chaos or will she rise like a phoenix from the ashes? Having lost so much can Abby find a way to love herself and follow her dream?


Erin Thorn (Erotica) Pen Name

Regina has avoided men like the plague following an abusive relationship. She is lonely and her coworkers are no help. She has an itch that needs to be scratched. Can Joe satisfy her lustful desires?

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